bensan Wrote:
Jan 30, 2013 8:45 AM
The comment was not referring to you at all, it was directed towards the discussion in general. I should have rewriiten the comment you were replying to 1st to make it clearer, instead of over-reacting-so-quickly to your ST-FU-USC comment ! Then maybe you wouldn't have called me a nucking futter ! Correction: It wasn't the USSC that said it, it was the IN-SC that said in a case referring to the USSC Wong-Kim-Ark and other USSC cases: "Illegal-Alien + No "Allegiance=Loyalty" to the USA = "You are not "under the jurisdiction of the USA and No Automatic US citizenship for that illegal-aliens US-born children !" You're a "foreigner-alien", and not under the jurisdiction of the USA, because of your lack of "Allegiance=Loyalty" to the USA !