Ginamero Wrote:
Jan 30, 2013 8:43 AM
combat. The most I ever benched repeatedly was 150 and I could barely pull myself by arms only anywhere. I could push 350 with my legs repeatedly and if having to pull weight up, if I could get my leg wrapped around something I could get over. As typical of a woman, my strength was in my legs. The government my be able to give me a shot to keep my menses away for months at a time but lack of testosterone in my formative years made me weaker. I've been in 'friendly' cage matches with men my own size and while I could give them a run for their money...I never won. I'm mean as hell so it was not for lack of desire to 'put a hurt on someone' it's that they were stronger and bigger. Some women may be able to do it - but as tough as I was.