bensan Wrote:
Jan 30, 2013 7:00 AM
-alien-situation itself has devolved into the, "anti-US-American-non-Allegiance-non-Loyalty-to-USA" illegal-alien-invasion-$cheme-$cam-Operation ! Proven by how the Mexican-illegal-aliens, Mex-Govt-officials, Mex-US-Consulates, go about promoting, carrying out their well orchestrated plan ! With all of the Now-Obvious-disasterous-detrimental aspects it has wrought upon the USA ! This is not just "random-innocent-harmless-illegal-immigration" that can be dealt with from time-to-time by granting amnesty to 10s-100,000s of illegal-alien-invaders, Because of this mass-invasions-destructive-affects-results on the USA's economy-society-culture, it has literally become a hostile-invasion by 10's-mlns of invaders, regardless of the ignorance