bensan Wrote:
Jan 30, 2013 6:53 AM
The Indiana SC states in an important case that "Allegiance-Loyalty to the USA" was Mandatory for an illegal-alien to be considered "Under-the-Jurisdiction-of-the-USA," and then be eligible to the path to US-citizenship-by-Naturalization. Which would then also qualify their US-born-children for automatic US-citizenship. Lacking that "Allegiance-Loyalty to the USA" would render an illegal-aliens status to remaign as a "foreign-alien." So, just look at the "Blatant-anti-USA-Allegiance-non-US-Loyalty-Attitude-Approach-Mantra-Actions," displayed-carried-out by 10's-millions of illegal-aliens, their US-Hispano-based-advocy-groups, and the illegal-invaders-political-advocacy-home-base the Mexican-Govt-US-Consulates ! The whole illegal