bensan Wrote:
Jan 30, 2013 4:07 AM
never intended, didn't want to, haven't learned English, don't care about the USA, its best interests ! They're sending 10's-billions-US-$ back to Mexico per-year ! "No-Allegiance-Loyalty-to-the-USA !" before-during-after they illegally-mass-invaded ! Looks-sounds more like a pre-planned mass-Mexican-USA-invasion ! Gather all the indisputable-facts, US-Courts-precedents, related to not granting citizenship to illegal-aliens and their US-born-children, anything related to the requirement for "Allegiance-Loyalty-to-the-USA" referring the above topic. Then write a full-report based upon this approach-argument, prepare offensive-defensive-plans to use In-Courts, On-News-shows-sites to finally end the Mexican-illegal-alien-USA-invasion !