douglas228 Wrote:
Jan 29, 2013 11:36 PM
What charges would I bring HOW ABOUT MURDER for ordering the murder of an american in YEMAN oh yeah they say he was enemy BUT WHAT ABOUT THE SIXTEEN YEAR OLD and his friend who died with him. I america if a cop or anyone killed an armed robber in the ACT he would be ok BUT if he followed him home and blew up his house killing his child and a neighbor too HED GO TO PRISON FOR MURDER, thats just the start. Obama swore to protect and DEFEND the laws yet refuses to defend the defense of marriage act and refuses to follow many laws HE DOESNT HAVE THAT RIGHT , CONGRESS MAKES LAWS and the PRESIDENT is charged with imposing them NOT IGNORING THEM, so HOW ABOUT CONGRESS DOING ITS JOB and protect America by impeaching Obama.