Bigruss Wrote:
Jan 29, 2013 7:24 PM
As a Christian mid fifties citizen ,I've seen this nation go down morally in such a short time, I feel remorse for the young who think this is the way America has been & didn't know her even 40 yrs ago. Divorce wasn't acceptable 50 years ago,or adultery or porn,you could'nt cus over the telephone legally, everyone worked & you had self respect not to take a hand out, Jesus was a respected name & schools had prayer.Now I realize why GOD has ZERO TOLLERANCE for's like a cancer ,and why you cannot allow it in your civilization, no quarter was given in the promise land for LIBERAL immoral nations. GOD had them utterly destroyed ( I use to think this was harsh until I see how the ungodly operate) unGodly HATE GOD & will stop @ nothing