squiddy Wrote:
Jan 29, 2013 5:10 PM
Yayy! With all of these illegals becoming legal voters, perhaps he can get elected for a 3rd term? Anyway, sure, give them a "path" to citizenship: 1. Submit fingerprint and DNA samples, and perform a background check - paid for by the applicant. Any felony, or more than 2 misd. are ineligible. 2. Provide payroll records showing their income and where it came from, taxes paid, benefits received, etc - let's not reward welfare scammers and identity thieves. 3. Pay back any owed taxes. 4. Submit to a medical examination. 5. After the above, give them a provisional work visa, and let them apply for citizenship after 5 years provided they: - pass an english language proficiency exam - pass a citizenship test. - commit no crimes