Truthwalker Wrote:
Jan 29, 2013 11:21 AM
I have a son in the Infantry. He spent the last two says lugging a SAW ( squad automatic weapon) around in the Texas desert. He sure isn't happy about the thought of a female being along side him in the heat of a battle with the Taliban. He said "Pop, what if its that time of month and it just starts while my squad is sweaty, grimy, covered in mud and gunpowder and facing the Taliban. Or trying to protect a FOB. The last thing I need in a fire fight is an emotional woman who doesn't have the required devices to deal with PMS." All I could say is "Son, you signed up knowing Obama was the pres. You knew he would allow stuff like this. First he allowed homos, now the women in combat. All I can say is when your enlistment ends; bail."