Truthwalker Wrote:
Jan 29, 2013 8:30 AM
Well... gotta admit... I was wondering when one of the liberals who plague TH would show up and start the ball rolling with twisted leftist ideologically delusional glee. And what do ya know.... here he is. Rejoice in it Dave.... salivate over it Sir. Wring your hands in blissful excitement over the plight and blight with which your "lord and savior" ( to quote Jamie Foxx) is flogging this nation. And then may I suggest you read the Scriptures in a good KJV Bible... specifically II Timothy 4, verses 1-7 for that passage details a more accurate description of liberalism than any other I can think of at the moment. And to the other conservative TH readers ... you may want to read it too just to see if you agree with me.