The Common Conservative Wrote:
Jan 29, 2013 6:15 AM
Well John, now you done gone and done it. Didn't you know that health care is a RIGHT and because of that government will be forced to fund all this R&D! I mean seizing from the "haves" to assure the "have nots" get their new drugs has got to happen. You know- since it is "my right". And who cares that it is the investment in those biotech companies that make it possible for someone to become a "have"! "Profit on the backs of sick people" is just- well- immoral, in spite of the fact that it allows them to live longer, work longer, and see their grandkids longer. Oh and all those things people USED to die from, well, they are no longer a problem since Government will take care of it! Prepare for that Liberal argument. It's coming.