GRUP Wrote:
Jan 28, 2013 8:23 PM
a Constitutional issue, but one of the fungible membership of the nomenklatura maintaining power. Imagine the MSM outrage if Romney had began his public political life in McVeigh’s visitation cell, and had continued to work with and praise him for years. McVeigh and Ayers and Dohrn all did exactly the same acts. McVeigh was caught, tried, and executed. Ayers and Dohrn weren’t. Why ? Laws apply equally and always to everyone, or they apply to no one. In effect, now, there is no law, only power. History is stuffed with examples of how that ends. If the President feels it is O K to hire a worshipper of MaOZedong, should we all then establish our methods of political discouse on the Long Creeper's statements about power ? GBUSA