cjurgens Wrote:
Jan 28, 2013 5:30 PM
If the nanny state is taking my money to pay for their choice of majors, I think I should have some say in whether the investment is worth it. And I have difficulty considering someone who borrows tens of thousands of dollars to major in women's studies to have made an "adult" decision. Wait, I have a plan: 1) student picks a major that will never lead to a career that pays anything; 2} student borrows a boatload of money to pursue that worthless degree; 3) student after graduation won't be stressed out by us expecting the loan to be repaid- limit the payments to some small percentage of "disposable" income; 4) if the loan is not repaid after, say, 20 years, just forget about it. Other people will pick up the tab. Thanks, other people!!!!