Elisabeth26 Wrote:
Jan 28, 2013 12:07 PM
My dad raised me as the son he didn't have. I still wore party dresses and had tea parties. I could also ride a horse, shoot a rifle or pistol, and drive like the Earnhardts. I raced Porsches. I drag raced before women did these things (but not professionally). I had to be told it was time to quit playing football with the guys. I had the meanest bat the in the neighborhood. I was a lifeguard at 15 and by 17 had college guys working for me. And the BIG difference? Nothing was foreclosed to me. I followed my interests. When I figured out that guys liked cars and engines -- I learned about them. I never was without a date for Friday AND Saturday (the two days I was allowed to go out) (unless I was grounded). [next]