Steve146 Wrote:
Jan 28, 2013 11:50 AM
To prevent and handle fire in your home - buy and learn to use a fire extinguisher to protect your family & home! To keep someone alive after an accident or a heart attack - Learn 1st Aid & CPR! But for the love of society, absolutely do not buy and learn to use a firearm to protect your family & your home! That's just your... (pick one) A) macho/phallic obsession at work... B) your southern/cowboy/neanderthal violence mentality, or C) your inability to understand our new enlightened societal standards In other words, don' t be a victim... unless you're talking about the threat of violence to you or your family. In that case, just call 911, and realize you're going to be robbed/raped/killed well before the police arrive.