mirden Wrote:
Jan 28, 2013 9:02 AM
Now that the Treasonous Traitors are going to try to force illegal-alien-amnesty on all of us, Watch out for the Well-Hidden-Agenda HR-2885 which claims to be a pro-US-Fedrl-E-Verify-bill-law, But Clause-6, Fedrl-Pre-emption: Completely wipes out all States from engaging in any kind of Fed-or-St-lvl-E-Verify activity ! It gives all E-Verify authority over to the DOHS Secretary ! Wake Up ! Their Next Big, "Look over there not over here" While they $cheme-$cam the whole country into becoming a: "3rd-world-Hispano-Mexican-Empire-dominated-nation," $cheme-$cam the middle-class-society-culture-cities-towns into becoming subject to that 3rd-world-Hispano-Mexican-Empire-dominated-population, is about be perpetrated against all of us !