cedar rebellion Wrote:
Jan 28, 2013 7:02 AM
Gee, there you go again!! The sheriff is setting the stage to demonize the Gov and the GOP. Gosh, how many times. Let's repeat -- the Dems are two-step thinkers.. First step -- Hey! We all these cuts we can't protect you anymore so go buy a gun. Second step -- Hey! The GOP Gov and Legislature want you to die and create a Wild West full of Newton Killers. Some journalist, if any are left, should check stats today and those of four years ago. And the GOP should call him out and (1) unless you the Pres with all those guns around him it ain't gonna make any diff how many po-lice are in your area and (2) cite the states of those those with guns and those without, per year, 2 million citizens saved by themselves.