Kevin348 Wrote:
Jan 27, 2013 8:40 PM
You can't sell a stock unless there is someone who will buy it. One of the only real economic booms of the last 4 years has been in the gun industry. It is booming. We knew all along about Obama's war on the Constitution. Killing 3 American citizens without due process? 5th Amendment violation there. It's being litigated in federal court as we speak. Obama will lose that one. Non-recess appointments? D.C. Circuit Court put a stop to that unconstitutional violation. Obamacare? Huge violation of the Constitution! Restrictions on gun rights? 2nd Amendment violation. Taking away guns? Violation of 5A Takings Clause. Imprisoning a person for making a movie? Violation of 1st Amendment. Obama is a fascist Marxist.