pbob785 Wrote:
Jan 27, 2013 3:08 PM
There simply is NO such thing as an 'assault rifle'. This is merely obfuscation to instill fear into the hearts of low-knowledge people and other hysterical chicken-littles. Guns are made for one thing only; delivering death. They are intended for self-defense, for hunting, target shooting and for war, if needed. If you are attacked by an assailant, it matters not whether he is using a gun, or knife, or bazooka, or an IED. The question we are faced with is, "Are we allowed to defend ourselves if attacked?" Our Constitution says that we are. Liberals and ALL tyrants say we aren't. Who are you going to believe? What we must do is, somehow, insure that no mentally deranged persons get their hands on guns. Just as with drugs, laws are imperfect