Polly1 Wrote:
Jan 27, 2013 9:40 AM
Every comment I've read from the Lefty trolls has been, "Boy, Hillary sure made those Republicans look bad," or some variation (not quite as nicely worded) of that theme. Yet looking at that comment in its totality, the second sentence kind of nullified the first. "What difference does it make...?" and "Now we just have to figure out what happened...." Duh, yes! That's why we're asking! Or are y'all just going to quietly "figure it out" and stop it from happening again without ever informing Americans, first, what happened, and second, how we'll stop it from happening again? All in all, I thought it a very poor lie with absolutely no logic to it--if Sen. Johnson didn't follow up, his mind must have been boggled by the idiocy of it.