JMWinPR Wrote:
Jan 27, 2013 8:58 AM
People who state the physical differences are missing the point. I'm certain Mrs. Broadwell can outperform many men and could pass any course with flying colors. That is not the issue, Good Order and Discipline is the only issue. Can you imagine a sergeant ordering Mrs Broadwell to "take that hill"? Even worse what if the same sergeant wanted to an affair with Mrs. Broadwell and she was already dating another member of the platoon. Guess who would be tasked with "taking that hill"? Lastly, remember back to when you were 18 to 25, where would your focus be, Mrs. Broadwell or your "mission". Israel has women in combat, there is a small difference between the IDF and the USA. IDF works within Israel, not globe trotting as US armed forces.