Sanity102 Wrote:
Jan 26, 2013 6:56 PM
This is NOT rocket science; honest. To change the anti-immigration image, you have to: 1-Secure the borders meaning BOTH borders not just the Mexican one. 2- Saying that a fine being paid is Amnesty should mean the same for any breaking of the law, INCLUDING SPEEDING; and if you aren't for that type of payment "amnesty", then you should want any law breaker to be thrown into jail right? And no, not being able to afford to jail ALL law breakers shouldn't be an excuse not to do so. It's either amnesty or it isn't. 3-Understand that for most minorities, caring about Hispanics 4 months before an election don't cut it. And yeah, minorities listen to the vile rhetoric and identify. Such talk makes conservatives look racist and ugly.