faithhopecharity Wrote:
Jan 26, 2013 4:25 PM
I believe purplestatebluevote, that you (or I) did not comprehend what Kathryn was saying. Roe will be overturned. Abortion is murder. Abortion is an intrinsic evil; people recognize this too late. They have been bombarded with porn, filth, violence, etc., by Hollywood, the msm, rock, rap, hundreds of cable channels, and no longer know what love is...sacrifice, mercy, faithful, holds the good of the beloved above their own. What is Good, True and Beautiful in our world has been suppressed intentionally and the King of Immediacy is held high. We who once followed the wrong King have seen how much damage we've done to ourselves and others. BUT God is Mercy for those who return to Him, and He will bring them JOY beyond their desires!