IRGallagher Wrote:
Jan 25, 2013 3:34 PM
Speaking of crocodile tears. Recall The One speaking about the Newtown slaughter. Then remember his wiping a way of, a tear, tears, not sure of the count. And bring to mind all the sycophant boot lickers proclaiming the the shooting brought the prez to tears. I'm sure he'd have really been crying if they were black kids killed, but I digress. Note in the oft-seen video that he wiped away his tear from the left corner of his left eye. problem. Well before a tear would have formed in that location, he'd'of had 'em streaming down along side his nostrils, and from both eyes. Comeon, folks! Even if we had never cried, surely we've watched enough TV to observe how tears run. What a faker. He must have consulted with Bill (the blue dress) Clinton.