meerbock Wrote:
Jan 24, 2013 9:54 PM
Bozell, why can't you write like this all of the time, instead of sounding like a pecksniffian spinster school marm who has no clue about modern culture or mores? You are an embarrassment to your immediate family member, the late, great William F Buckley, Jr. Instead of living with his panties in a permanent knot, as you seem to, he was one of the greatest writers and thinkers to have espoused the Conservative viewpoint in many, many decades. You might try, instead of gasping with disdain and indignation, putting some makeup on that blue nose of yours, and stick to conservative political writing. Leave the moral outrage to the Presbyterians and the Methodists. They are much better at it, having made it a major part of their sects.