18Wheeler Wrote:
Jan 24, 2013 8:42 PM
Many misinformed Liberals, ( & there are LOTS of em), give predictable, Knee Jerk responses, blaming random, unprovoked gun violence on lax gun laws: I predict that despite more restrictive gun laws, we'll see escalation of mass, random shootings, mostly by Males, ages 14 - mid 20s. My reasoning: It's been an ongoing & escalating pattern since the 1st of these shootings in 1966, Austin TX. My reasoning: Lots of angry, unhappy , kids, with feelings of hopelessness, wanting to vent rage on "someone", but with no specific target. They covet the instant fame of others who've gained infamy from mass shootings. And they want it, regardless of the cost. ( "If I can't have a life, I'll settle for Fame"). Thus, the