John W11 Wrote:
Jan 24, 2013 1:36 PM
well Fienstein, Durbin, Obummer, and stupid uncle joe can all wish all they want, nothing is gonna come of any of it. No. 1, none of this stuff will pass. No. 2 if Obummer tries to do the exec order thing, there are a host of governors and groups will keep thing thing in the courts for decades and No. 3 civil disobedience. The southern, mountain, and some midwestern states will simply ignore the Fed Govt on this and many other issues I believe in the near future. Most of the red states will refuse to enforce or cooperate. And it will be popular with the citizens. In the end real Americans will refuse to give up their rights because of the deeds of a minorty of law breakers. But we know that the Dims are the criminal party.