Chicago Undercover Wrote:
Jan 24, 2013 1:07 PM
In the 80s, they began re-writing history and dumbing down our schools with P.C. rules and continued the expansion of welfare and affirmative action policies. Over the past 50 years, "they" have constantly expanded the things that make people reliant on others - e.g. welfare entitlement, WIC, TANF, Section 8, Medicaid, SCHIPs, etc - and now we have, approx 47 million people who "rely on" the gov't for some measure of their existence. Basically, brain-fart, they spent the last 50 years creating a new plantation. And they got the slaves to BUILD the damned thing AND to think it a great idea. This is simply the 1st step in disarming the masses and they have proven their patience and diabolical mindsets. How, exactly, will you STOP THEM?