Chicago Undercover Wrote:
Jan 24, 2013 1:03 PM
hey kool-aid, The progressive movement has been one of diabolical patience and wilyness This "movement" started under Woodrow Wilson and Teddy Roosevelt (look it up). Nothing is done, by the progressives, overtly. Nothing. Everything is broken down to baby steps, which occur over time so slowly that you cannot even recognize them happening. In the 60s, they started the "Great Society" under Johnson. Stated goal, was to drive out poverty from the "ghettos". Welfare was enhanced at that time, as a short term stop gap, to help people out. In the 70s, they began perpetuating Affirmative Action, stating that the goal was to "level the playing field for a race of people beset by oppression". Oh, btw - they expanded welfare again. Cont