anonymous6475 Wrote:
Jan 23, 2013 6:41 PM
this is great. if as they say, it will open up 230000 jobs that are now held by men, if even half of those go to the ladies, that means 115000 guys can quit the military and get on with their lives. i served in vietnam in 1968 in the a shau valley in the 101st and i can tell you that not one women in 100 could carry my ruc (60 lbs) up a mountain and that didn't include my rifle, clothes or steel pot ladies. oh by the way, at that time i went around 150 soaking wet. give me a break. the only ones capable would be the bull dykes so i guess that's ok as long as they are held to the same standards as the guys. fat chance of that however. show me a work place where women aren't given extra credit. doesn't exist.