BeekerD Wrote:
Jan 23, 2013 6:39 PM
BELIEVE ME, What you're saying is not descriptive of all the the residence of TAXUFORNIA! I've lived7worked&paid taxes here 68 years and I'm still waiting for as you stated 'A BENEFIT/PROGRAM or SERVICE returned to me for all the TAXES&FEE'S I paid into this state! As a self employed contractor of some 40 years it seems all I've ever done is FEED THESE DAMN DEVIL dEmoKrats out here 'My Blood, Sweat and Toil' out here and I'm still waiting for that so-called 'BENEFIT' return from these LEECHES! Trying to leave, get my health questions taken care of, I'M GONE, 'S~T~S'! NOBODY SHOULD COME TO THIS STATE IF THEY ARE LOOKING FOR ANY KIND OF FUTURE BEING SELF EMPLOYED!