Dante9 Wrote:
Jan 22, 2013 9:18 PM
I don't believe viable life, soul-based life begins at conception. You do. The law says I am right and you are wrong. End of story. PS: In her 20's before I met my wife, she was raped, beaten and left for dead along with her then fiance, who was forced to watch. She got pregant, but didn't know if it which one of the attackers was the impregnator, but thinks it was the one who didn't just sodomized her. Because of the hits to her stomach area, my wife's pregancy was tubular with a battered uterus to boot. Abortion was the onlyt option. Thank God she had the legal choice, as painful as it was at the time. Some on your side would have let my wife die. Nice. Thankfully, those holier-than-thou jerks are not not the majority.