Mike2348 Wrote:
Jan 22, 2013 6:40 PM
The following needs to be read in the same delivery as the above video: Yeah Baby, you an' me, Baby. As long as abortion is legal I can sweet-talk you into the sack and get laid whenever I want. That's right Baby, I don't have a dam* thing to worry about, heck it ain't me gettin knocked-up. What's that Baby? You say YOU'RE knocked-up. That's a dam* shame. I guess it's time to head on down to magic palace where they make these inconvenient problems just...go away. Isn't that nice Baby? What that you say? You don't want an abortion, hey, that's no problem either, I'll just drag your b**ch-a** down there myself and make sure it get done right. HA - pro-choice, yeah right! You're nothing but a downer now Baby, time to move on to another. Ooooh