jkash1776 Wrote:
Jan 22, 2013 4:06 PM
Prolife DO advocate a woman looking at the ultrasound because above 90% change their mind upon seeing that is a human being. the FORCE is on refusing the woman the ultrasound. Not on our side, but theirs. Most conservatives that I know do not demand outlawing abortion, just outlawing federal payment for it. Abortion has ALWAYS been available and the notorious coat hanger abortions were not even 1 % of 1% . A baby feels pain at 24 days and even abortionists admit that as they tear off each limb and bring it out of the birth canal the head, left for last, feels pain (suspect I'll get this taken off for that, since truth simply is not acceptable if it lets hypocrites know they have nowhere to hide from claims of sadism and murder)