Beeblebrox Wrote:
Jan 22, 2013 10:43 AM
The big problem we have is that even our conservative congress critters talk a good game but still voted for Boehner. Mine, Rep. Woodall (GA) is a big Fair tax guy. Okay, good. But then he votes for a Speaker who will never let the Fair Tax even get a debate. Boehner could literally ground AF1 with a refusal to raise the debt ceiling. The Obamaphone crowd would get immediately cut off. Obamacare would go unfunded, etc. do the Producers in this country care if all the federal employees get sent home without pay until the Senate passes a budget? I doubt it. The Producers are the GOP's constituency but they undermine us anyway. The House has ALL the power right now to stop the insanity but yes, they're a bunch of little girls.