mjdwriter Wrote:
Jan 22, 2013 9:33 AM
Another "unspeakable" in our society is the suffering of the babies who are aborted. As far back as 1984 when "The Silent Scream" was unveiled and a fetus at 11 weeks of age cried out in pain during an abortion, research has clearly shown that the babies suffer terribly when they are aborted. A fetus at 8 weeks feels physical pain. A fetus at 20 weeks has a full complement of the brain cells that register pain and has heightened sensitivity to pain. When Roe v. Wade made legalized abortion the law of the land, most people believed the fetus didn't feel pain. Now sonograms and live-action ultrasounds reveal the awful truth about how much the babies suffer. The window to the womb gives us a clear picture of the real horror of abortion