Uber Dave Wrote:
Jan 21, 2013 11:01 PM
All hail our Our Glorious and Wonderful Dear Leader, The One, The Omniscient, Exalted and Infallible, Baby Doc, President for Life, Generalissimo Francisco MMM-MMM-MMM Barack Hussein Owe-bambi, Down Grader in Chief, Debt Man Walking, Owe-bamageddon, The Oval Office Urkel, King Barack the Growth-Slayer, First Collectivist President, The Torturer, New Messiah, Healer of the Planet, President (If you love me) Pass This Bill, Jimmy Carter with a Tan, Telepromter reader of the God Verb Speeches, Occubagger in Chief, Fainter of Girls, Tingler of legs and First Marxist President of the United States of Amerika!