Snooper6 Wrote:
Jan 21, 2013 12:08 PM
Recent revelations detail Jackie Kennedy's listening on the phone as FBI director Hoover was briefing JFK on wiretaps of King acquiring prostitutes for the main men coming to a big MLK confab -- a walk or something. Maybe the "I Have A Dream" thingy. Reported in the very far Left Washington Post. Another artticle profiled the 8 major black Clergy of the Civil Rights era. One thing they had in common was that each one impregnated his wife before marraige, including MLK. No biggee you say? What about wearing that white collar? Not proven You are not to bring this up. It's obscene squared. So, shhhhh. Keep this under your hat. What about that book, "The King God Could Not Save"? By a black preacher, I think. All lies by hateful racists