Lastinline2 Wrote:
Jan 21, 2013 11:03 AM
There are about an equal number of scientists on BOTH sides of this debate, so some scientists somewhere ARE WRONG. It is no coincidence that the ones who stand behind MMGW become very rich and famous with high level shoe in jobs because they support the elite's political agenda. Think of this from a different angle. The MMGW scientists are mostly staunch environmentalists (many are even eugenicists), so they have an agenda to begin with. Many of the most acclaimed 'Climateers' such as Algore aren't even credentialed, and are pulling climate facts out of their a**es. Why is it these MMGW 'Climate Scientists' are so quick to point at the exhaust pipe on your car, yet so willing to sweep Fukushima's ongoing meltdowns, or under the rug?