dgreene Wrote:
Jan 21, 2013 10:44 AM
Sorry but that won't fly! Why?? Because people who KNOW science, know how real science works! You can't HAVE a scientific position that's not proved! If there's no proof, then it becomes a 'scientific theory'! Computer 'models' are NOT proof, they're at BEST conjecture! I can write a computer program that proves the sun is made of helium! The problem with your position, is too many people believe science as infallible! And that scientists don't have an agenda! These guys get paid how? Grants from the government! Want your grant money, give us something to prove that pink is a man's favorite color! TRUST scientists?! I'm not buying that ANY scientists are ethical! If they WERE, why do we have GMO Salmon? Or do you even KNOW about GMO's?