dougdru Wrote:
Jan 21, 2013 9:29 AM
Guns aren't toys but they are often life savers. Most of us will be lucky enough to never be the victim of a violent crime, but tens of thousands of us will be victims. Thousands of dead, crippled or traumatized people never thought it could happen to them, but it did. If it does, you're on your own. 911 isn't going to help you. Guns give the smaller, the weaker, the older and the outnumbered a very good chance of fighting back, usually without firing. Predators are out there. Millions of people have guns, handle them safely and are a deterrent to criminals. You can take your chances. BTW, don't believe the gun control people who claim that a gun in the house increases your chances of dying a gun death. Almost all such deaths are suicides.