Jules65 Wrote:
Jan 21, 2013 9:00 AM
HEY DANIEL J. MITCHELL! Yeah, I'm talking to you. Get your facts straight. SS and Medicare are not entitlements. Just cuz the idiots in gubmint said they are, doesn't make it so. Like so many other things they mess with to fit their agenda. SS and Medicare are insurance programs which workers pay into from their first paycheck to their last. Without choice. That congress stole the funds from the "trust" way back when to buy votes, and forced the systems to be paid for by current workers, doesn't make them an "entitlement". The rampant welfare programs are "entitlements" cuz so many slackers feel they are entitled to my tax money without lifting a finger. That's entitlement. Freakin' moochers, got no use for 'em.