desar Wrote:
Jan 21, 2013 5:40 AM
of these same two taken from an online family photo album of the Sexton/Greenberg family posted by Chiarini no later than May of this year. If you can't see they are a perfect match I suggest you see your local eye doctor as soon as possible. This one fact alone blows the whole thing completely out of the water. Unbelievable. I agree with the other poster who speculates that the entire town of Newtown could be a nest of Satanic Freemasons. What is up with that creepy looking old guy flashing the Devil's horn sign next to "Vicki Soto"? It reminds me of something out of a Stephen King novel. In your article "Is this "Deceased" Emilie Parker With Obama ?" Look at the children's hand signals, and counter signs. Bet either parent would