desar Wrote:
Jan 21, 2013 5:15 AM
and two boys told Rosen they couldn’t return to class because a man with guns had killed their teacher. Indeed Victoria Soto was among the 26 dead, 20 children and six staffers, gunned down by Adam Lanza at the Newtown, Conn, school that day. “I comforted them because I’m a grandfather,” Rosen, 69, who lives across the street from the school, said in an appearance on TODAY after the tragedy. “They were mortified.” Now, Rosen and his wife are scared. He says he is being harassed by so-called Sandy Hook "truthers," conspiracy theorists who believe that facts about Newtown are being covered up by the media or other forces as part of a govt or anti-gun plot. “I’m getting emails with, not direct threats, but accusations that I’m lying, that