desar Wrote:
Jan 21, 2013 12:55 AM
It's all a giant $cam ! Rand Paul, Steve King, Mike Lee, L-Gomert, L-Barletta, T-Huelskamp, J-Amash, D-Nunez, M-Pence, J-Kasich, S-Walker, Sheriff Joe, M-Blackburn, Kelly Ayotte, Nikki Haley, D-Fischer, J-Brewer, S-Martinez, M-Bachmann, are all the real deal ! M-R threw the race in the last-2-wks ! All he had to do was want to win, rally the country behind him with some well planned pro-USA-middle-class-populist-rhetoric. But he wasn't in it to win ! So he's class-A-Lowlife for highly-misleading all of us the way that he did so Deceptively-Deceitfully-Covertly ! A Real Lying Fake Conservative RINO US-Traitor ! Christie's a total fake too, Apptd US-Atty-NJ by Lowlife-RINO-GB-2, he's a pro-illegal-alien-pro-gay-pro-Moslem-PC-RINO !