Berniefeh Wrote:
Jan 20, 2013 12:07 PM
If we talk about need, we certainly do not "need" a 240 mpn Lamborghini. If we are going to ban things like "assault weapons" because they look like military equipment, then we should ban Hummers and Hummer 2 vehicles. Interesting how celebrities want to ban "military equipment" and yet, they were among the first to buy the civilian version of the HumVee. If I recall, Schwarzenegger bought the first one available and it cost well over $100,000. Today they make shootem-up movies that make them millions. In them, they have FULLY automatic weapons and yet they want me to give up my "scary" hunting rifle. Sometime, look at a picture of the white house. There is more firepower on the roof than in my local National Guard Armory. Hipocracy