BanDaDems Wrote:
Jan 20, 2013 9:56 AM
Time to go to a black market economy and starve the beast - it is happening here in IL, all taxes and nothing benefits wise for the taxpayers, taxpayers are voting with their feet and getting out. I have several friends who once ran businesses in IL that now live in AZ, TX, FL - my business is surviving but I also get taxed my "fair" share - 52% between state, federal, property, sales and other taxes and fees, I have run the analysis and realize that moving to FL or TX will save me close to $30,000 a year. I am in the process of liquidating assets (not easy in a bankrupt state) and will likely move this year. IL will soon be a state of takers and very few makers - good luck corrupt unions when there is no one to pay for your pensions