James92 Wrote:
Jan 20, 2013 9:47 AM
Jay - Take it from an old timer who grew up during those bad old days when someone read a passage from the Bible over the PA and we said the Pledge of Alligence every day at school; oh what a terrible thing that was! NOT! We are now sinking so deep in the slime of immoral life styles that it will take a catastropic event to bring many to their senses. My parents didn't regularly attend church, but they and my teachers did teach me to live a "moral" lifestyle. Marrage before sex, honesty and being of good moral character. What's wrong with those? I've been married ( to the same fime woman who is also of good character ) for 55 years. Many of the more recent generations can't say that! I say to them, climb out of the gutter of immorality.