Slicker Wrote:
Jan 20, 2013 7:39 AM
jimmylynn/fletchforfreedom & Mike: to sum "it all-up" we'd have jobs if it wasn't for all the crying liberals and so called conservatives getting away from our US, Constitution and having no more morals or eithics about what decisions they should make for the people that put them there in office in the first place..Look what happened in the first place all the jobs are given the illegals that come to our country 22,000,000 and whats left of jobs have gone over-sea's because companies want to pay as little as possible for labor and can get them fools across sea's to work for little or nothing "FELLA'S" this B.S. has nothing to do with the "Right to Work Law" as you stated...there will be no economic success until we clean out Washington D.C.