Slicker Wrote:
Jan 20, 2013 7:19 AM
You see, it's all greed (money), At one time we had 400 oil companies, Now we have 6 major ones controlling oil and it's prices...We used to have allot of Mom&Pop stores (independent) operations now big business's have bought everyone out, We used to have hundred's & hundred's of dairy farms their all gone..I can go on and on but this is a start of "Big govt Control" take a look at your freedom, it's all but gone down the drain, because "big-daddy" wants it all for their self...And you are waving an American idea that has done nothing to this country of ours but buckle it to their knees..Partner wake up and "smell-the-coffee" We don't need job loss, we need labor reorganized and the jobs sent over-seas brought back to the US.